New Game and Room

30 04 2008

New game and rooms on Rockhopper’s Ship!
1. Go to the Book Room.
2. Go to Rockhopper’s Journal, the last page.
3. Get the key.
4. Go to the hold on the ship.
5. Play the game, read the notice board, or just explore!
Also, go to the main part of the ship, and click the yellow arrow. That’s another new room!
Remember, if you would like to be part of this website, comment your name.



10 responses

1 05 2008

Hey Green, in case you didn’t know, you’ve been added author of my site… go ahead and make a post if you’d like.

2 05 2008
Chewy Pup

Awesome Blog!
You really are doing a well done job.
BUT, May I please be on your Blogroll? I would really appreciate it. My site is

Please add us with the name: Chewy & Mohd.

If you don’t have a blogroll added yet, do the following.
1. Design
2. Widgets
3. Add the Link Widget

Now if you have a blogroll, to add me do the following.
Go to
1. Manage Links
2. Add Link
3. Name: Chewy & Mohd
4. Blog:

Please comment back. Also stay tuned on our site. We will soon have an ultimate blogroll made for our site. We will rank you and all, but that is soon to come

Thank you!
~CHEWY PUP, HELEN 2k5, and Mohd222.

2 05 2008
Chewy Pup

Sorry you have us added 0_0

2 05 2008
Agent Janu

For clubpenguin up to date cheats n information,,
people,, u shall never hesitate to visit:
~Agent Janu~

5 05 2008

Awesome hits. Keep up the good work!
Comment back at:


6 05 2008

It’s AWESOME that you’re posting again. 😀

14 05 2008

please can i be part of the website my name is
and my other account is
coolgirl0307 i rarely go on it so my main penguin is segabon43 please can i be on your website? 🙂

14 05 2008

plus i got more than 100,000 hits on my website its not a club penguin blog its a girls blog but i will add you on it i promise swear down on billybobs life!

18 05 2008

Hay its jjoploo. we havn’t talked in a while. well i just wanted to see how you were doing so bye. 😉

6 06 2008

Hey Vishal, it’s me hlh9, I’ve got a question about something. Please write me back.

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