Happy New Year!!!

18 01 2009

Okay, I’m reeeaaaallyyy late. But I had a lot of stuff. So what’s up on clubpenguin?



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19 01 2009

Hey Vishal! Wats up? I have 2 go to Cab on the 24th. My major is Vocal and my minor is Piano. What are u going 4? Did I ever tell u along time ago, Jonathan sent me a letter? It had a picture of him and his sister at the beach. Sarah told me that he likes me. He likes me enough to send me a letter. It said at the end
” Feel free to respond.” So I did. I got NOTHING back and I put “Feel free to respond back.” Oh Well. Should I write him a letter?

19 01 2009

Sorry! That is REALLY LONG!

19 01 2009

He mailed it. Are you moving out of DE? Why won’t you tell me who LIKED me? Do you know a Phoebe Delpizzo? She in my cousin. She goes there.

Do your Parents need a realiter? My mom is one. She could help you move. I could send you her card if ya want me to.

19 01 2009

Why dont u check ur e-mail?

19 01 2009

Really? People hate her? Are u going to move out of DE? I might write the letter to just say “hi”. Get a knew e-mail. One from msn, aol, verizon, comcast or gmail. Ok. Now I know why u dont respond. Do u go on http://www.y8.com ?

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