How to beat the Sensei

7 12 2008

At first, the Sensei will seem impossible. But you must battle him 10-15 times so he gets weaker. Gauranteed, if you play good, you will win by the 15th time.

Which belt are you? I’m a green.
Any more questions about ClubPenguin? (Not about golden puffles, free membership, or anything like that.)



4 responses

17 12 2008
Sensei on Club Penguin

Ahh. I appriciate that you give out cheats to beat the master, Sensei.
If you really think this will work, you can try beating me 30 times and over to try to be me!
But will

25 12 2008

The real way to is not what you say. Sensi will let you beat him if you are a black belt! Read the news! Anyway, my choises are:
1. Cab Calloway
2. HB
3. ?

29 01 2009

it does not work

28 02 2009

how do you get a green belt

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