Ask Green26

Here you can ask any (reasonable) question you’d like! Guidelines:
1. No swearing
2. Has to do with clubpenguin or the internet
3. Wait 24 hours, and by then I’ll answer your question!

I will post the best question up here:


26 responses

8 04 2008

why is there no questions here?

10 04 2008

when will you tell me when a rainbow puffle comes?

13 04 2008

hey’ do you think i should make a nother account just in case i get banned for hacking to get mor coins?????

14 04 2008

Can you put me on your blog roll
Name: Coolkidk59
Description: Whateva you want…

Please ive put u on mine

15 04 2008

yes i think you should so then if 1 gets bannded then youell have that one and make the secound one a member and not the other one.

26 05 2008

hi can you tell me how can i geat a coins as faist the a litning

7 06 2008

I have ask you a question

23 06 2008
queen amidal

can u get me membership plz?

1 07 2008

Will there ever be a two story igloo?? I sure hope so!!!

1 07 2008
16 07 2008

are u a beta tester?

17 07 2008

Vishal when r u going to answer my question?U never did!

13 08 2008
27 08 2008

about how many penguins are there is cp

13 09 2008

Can i be on your blogrol and is this blog inactive


6 10 2008

What is your penguin?

10 10 2008

when will i get membership?

1 11 2008

i have to ask you somthing well how do you walk on walls plz tell -victoria p.s YOU ROCK AND SO DOSE YOUR WEBSITE YEA bye!

2 11 2008

if u have internet explorer 7 you zoom it to 700 and make sure u are behind the white line.

next you click on the wall and your on it but other penguins cannot see this

have fun.

ps awsome site

10 11 2008

On club penguin how did some of the penguins become so famous

16 11 2008

How can you get someone a membership? I want one , but I ain’t paying!

21 11 2008

can u help me wit my new site http://www.guarenteedclubpenguincheats.word
just talk to me by comment

28 02 2009

how do you get a green belt on club penguin

4 04 2009

can u plz give me a cheat code for becoming a member on clubpenguin?

4 04 2009

can u plz give me cheats to becoming a member on clubpenguin?

10 04 2009

how do u do the coin maker i dont get it??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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