The New Website is out!

16 04 2008

Go to and you will see the new website! Also, here are some glitches and cool stuff to do on the home page on the new website:

1. Click on the penguins for them to chat
2. Click on spy phone behind the light house to make a secret agent appear
3. Click the boat in the backround to make the green penguin jump

PS: There is a new comic
PSS: Tell me if I missed something



8 responses

16 04 2008

P.S. that would be great if u could add me too your blogroll dude!!!!

17 04 2008

They’ve changed part of the game, too. When you click on the question mark, it’s different. Check it out!

20 04 2008

by clicking on the starfish it first changes to a shell and then to a snow castle

8 05 2008

u didnt see that also u can click on the castle and it will change!!

8 05 2008
8 05 2008


8 05 2008


8 05 2008

If u wanna find me im always in the server summit and im always in town!
meet ya there!

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