I’m the Gangsta of Clubpenguin!

28 03 2008

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28 03 2008
Chewy Pup

Wana be on mine and Mohds ULTIMATE LINKS. In order to be on our Ultimate Links, you will have to add us first. To add us do the following.
Wordpress Dashboard > Blogroll > Add Link.
Than add Chewy & Mohd
For our url put http://mohd222.wordpress.com

If you dont have a blogroll, you can add one by.
Wordpress Dashboard > Presentation > Widgets > Than add the widgets Links.

Than add us to the blogroll.

After you have done this, Comment on http://ultimatelinks.wordpress.com to be on our Ultimate Links. We will then reviw your blog, and as you asap on one of the 3 categories.

1. Beginner
2. Expert
3. Ultimate Blogger.

We will add you asap, so please dont remove us.

3 04 2008
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[…] I?m the Gangsta of Clubpenguin! Read the title […]

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