27 01 2008

Rockhopper finding guide

     Many penguins want to find Rockhopper, but have they ever found him? We have. No kidding, just look at the front page. Anyways, this page is a clear up-to-date guide on how to find Rockopper!

—Chapter One: The Basics—
1. First, you must go to the beach and get a life jacket.
2. Then, you must invite almost every penguin that you see, and go to multiple rooms to invite more.
3. Once you have at least 100 buddies, log out, and wait for them to accept your invitation.
4. When you log in, browse the different servers. Try to find one with a buddy.
5. Search the rooms for a cluster of many penguins.
6. Soon, you will be sure to find him!

—Chapter Two: Rockhopper’s Appearance—

1. Long black beard.
2. Is the color red.
3. Pirate Hat.
4. Rather large.
5. Name is Rockhopper.

—Chapter Three: Tips & Hints—

1. There will be a cluster of penguins when you see him.
2. The room is usually full, so try to wait.
3. Listen to penguins closely, when you suspect he’s near.
4. He will only be there if they announce on the newspaper that he is coming.
5. Try waiting in the beach when it announced that Rockhopper’s coming, the night he comes.




3 responses

27 01 2008

Cool! Today I saw him 3 times!

30 01 2008

I saw him today in boots server

10 02 2008

im not getting this and you have to tell when this is doing

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