Awwww Man!

20 01 2008

Billybob said the the thing about Rockhopper crashing, doesn’t have to do with the mission 😦 But it does have to do with some fun events next month 🙂 He’s not going to tell us 😦 But, he is changing his blog design 🙂 But, that means we can’t post comments 😦 But he can still see what we are saying, it just won’t be viewed by other people 🙂 Also, the Winter Fiesta is a big hit 🙂

Okay, I hope you liked that. I like doing it. I’ll do it some more if you guys say it’s okay. Also, as you can see, I have 60,000 hits! I thank everyone of you, but how can I pay you back? Well, it’s up to you!

Note: If I see any posts about me giving you free membership, or unused accounts, I will ban your I.P number from my blog.



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22 01 2008

Hey, lotsa smileys in that post!!! I’m visiting everyone on my blogroll, and I noticed I’m on your blogroll!! Thanks for that, and also thanks from my sister. 😉


22 01 2008

Hey I know how you could pay me back.
just tell me hot to change my icon. I forgot.

asta la vista amigos!

23 01 2008

People. You should all go see my blog. It’s about Club Penguin,

and I have two other people who write for my blog, so if you

don’t like me, chances are, you’ll like one of the other two

people. But you’ll probably like me anyway. I like this blog and

my own blog, and hope for viewers and responses.
Please do visit my blog. It is really good, and even has a poll

and funny pictures.
Feel free to comment with your penguin name and/or email, so

I can contact you, and then I know who visits my blog. You


26 01 2008

Hey go to my site!!!

Oh, please help me advertise.

26 01 2008
freddy 106

hey do you think you can add my site to your blogroll please!! it doesnt have 60000 hits it has 1800 hits. here it is:

P.S concerns1234 whos on your blogroll is a part of this website.

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