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30 12 2007

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31 12 2007

Hey. It’s Wwe Adam because my account is having some difficulties.

Awesome I might subscribe!

Wwe Adam, Click here for Club Penguin Cheats!

P.S. Can you add me to your blogroll? If you do and I get good hits from it I will add you to mine.

31 12 2007

Ok go to and you can when you have an account and choose a domain name(.com) choose the second security option and 1 year domain on the next page. It will be about 20 dollars. After you buy it you have to find the name servers to,, and and you have to forward it to your current wordpress site. Then you type it in to the domains section of your wordpress. You will then be able to purchase it for 10 wordpress credits which is equal to 10 more dollars. = Club Penguin Cheats

31 12 2007

Yes please I would love to be on your add space! My account troubles are over because an admin helped me out.

5 01 2008


18 01 2008

hey its JJoploo, I’m working on our name on my site. so just hold on. But tell me howto work on it… please. :/

18 01 2008

allright man I wrote YOUR name on top of the header, below the “JJoploo Club Penguin Cheats”. Now can you help me?

13 11 2008

hello, i want a yellow puffle but ummmmmmmmm….i dont know how.So help me please!

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