50,000 hits party!!!

12 12 2007

Hey guys! Thanks to all for giving us 50,000 hits! That’s alot! When will we have the party? PLEASE TELL US PENGUIN STANDARD TIME!!!!

A. Next Weekend (Saturday), 1:30 (P.S.T), Server Snow Flake (third flag), In my igloo

b. Next Weekend (Sunday), 1:30 (P.S.T), Server Snow Flake (third flag), In my igloo

C.  Next Weekend (Saturday), 2:00 (P.S.T), Server Snow Flake (third Flag), In my igloo

D. Your choice

P.S: My penguin name is Polarkid93



2 responses

12 12 2007

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If so thinks and i think your blog is great


12 12 2007

Comparing my time with PST

8:40 AM are the 5:10 AM

So i think the option “A” its Cool

Or option D, Friday at 10:00 AM

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