Be on my blogroll

27 11 2007

Do you want to be in my blogroll? No? Okay. Just Kidding! If you want to be on my blogroll, just comment on this post and remember, you have to:

1. Have me on your blogroll

2. Have at least 5,000 hits

3. Have a decent website

Or, if I like it and it doesn’t have 5,000 hits, I’ll still add you! 🙂



9 responses

27 11 2007

WOA!!! Lolz. 5000 hits? You changed it, lol! Well, I’ve added you to my blogroll. I guess the only question is, do you like my site?(since I don’t have 5000 hits..) 😆

28 11 2007

I am already on your blogroll, and you on mine!!! 😆 Just wanted to say hi!!

Keep On 😆 In’,

30 11 2007

Hey Green26gangsta? you removed me from your blogroll? But why?

1 12 2007

Ok, I have over 5.000 hits and your site on my blogroll. Now add me to yours.
( If you don’t do it I will remove you )

2 12 2007

Ok, Now I have 1,500 something hits. Thanks for waiting for me to get them, gangsta!!


2 12 2007

Hi I am Booga Nogga and I added u on my blogroll and I have almost 10,000 hits my site is

2 12 2007

Thanks, Gangsta!! That is very kind of you. 🙂

4 12 2007

Ok, I have waited a long time ! Now I am removing you !
Bye !

5 12 2007
Mike Cooool

I would like to be on your blogroll my site name is I really hope you add me!

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