What’s going on in the plaza?

3 11 2007

Have you heard? There’s a construction site in the plaza! I’ve asked penguins whatthey think about it, adnd one said it might be somehting to do with the new mission! Who knows, it might! See for your self if you dont believe me. Post what you think about it. Actually, speaking about the new mission, it says something in the newspaper (ther is a new newspaper). We’ll figure out whos dropping the white fur everywhere. Also, go to the “Aunt Artic” page, there’s an agent code on the top. Tell you what it means tommorrow!



2 responses

3 11 2007

i know wat it is!

i met up with billybob and i was told that it is a movie theater!! cool

i also know wat the new mission is!1
come to my website because i will post what it is soon. I have all the recent cheats so make sure you have a look!

http://www.squibblety.wordpress.com – just click that link

14 11 2007

please go to my site http://www.clubpenguin555555.wordpress.com
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