Fall Fair

22 09 2007

There are so many games and lots more to do! Prizes:

Feathered Tiara-1200 coins

Cotton Candy- 600 coins

Teddy Bear Backround- 400 coins

Tent pin- 100 coins

In other news, this is my favorite party. Everyone is talking about the secret item. It’s coming soon! 🙂 But the party will end soon. 😦 Ballistic Biscut is officially called Hydro Hopper. Oh, and I got 500 tickets on the game where you juggle puffles! Whats your favorite game?.



4 responses

23 09 2007

i no the new item

23 09 2007

Its a bat and ball

29 09 2007

the new items are:

Candy Necklece 700 Tickets

Paddleball Toy 1500 Tickets

Lollipop 1000 Tickets

30 09 2007
Wongas Erica

I have a question were do you get the lollipop and why can’t we go in rock hoppers room on his ship u always make a note thing saying its dirty or we cant go in there yet maybe there’s nothing you can thing of and your making these letters

Editors comment: Well, I don’t think they have made that room yet. There making an excuse instead of saying we haven’t made that room yet.

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