Secret Backround

26 08 2007

Heatblast227Here is a secret backround. Its so secret that i cannot tell you how to get it!



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26 08 2007


28 08 2007

Plz tell me were u got the background

31 08 2007

piz tell me

31 08 2007

Hey!! that`s not kind! if u have a secret like that tell us its making everyone in my school SSSSSOOOO jealuos cuz i told`em `bout this site!!! PPPLLLEEEEEEZZZ TTTEEELLL UUUSSS!!!! ITS MAKING ME GO NUTS! IF THERE`S A SMALLL SECRET I GOTTO KNOW(only if its clubpenguin)

1 09 2007

Please tell me ! Please im poor and i want to now i ask of now more!

1 09 2007

Plz tell us! I really want to know!

1 09 2007

my friend The Fulla have that backround laus ka na

2 09 2007

its just a old background

5 09 2007

Yeah, old old old 😡

31 10 2007
U don't need to now my name, but I am a girl

I have that backround it used to be a normal backround so it just really OLD.

31 10 2007

wat background

31 10 2007
micwal from club penguin

wat does the ba ground look like?

31 10 2007
micwal from club penguin


31 10 2007
micwal from club penguin

thats old and its not secret u can get it in the cloathing catalog but not any more

15 08 2008
wmk boba from club penguin

I have it.

9 09 2008

I have it. Psssh

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