Agent Answer

12 05 2007

1)First go to HQ Start the mission

 2)Then talk to aunt atrtic

 3)Go to ice rink look at the left and then take the photos and put it in ur inventory

4)go to aunt artic and then give her the photos

 5)go to pet shop and there will be some code read it and then go to sports shop and tell him can i have some special items

6)then write the code  

7)take life preserver launcher to rescue the penguins at the ice berg

8)then go to the top of the mountain open your spy phone and then look up at ur spy phone there will be written tools click it

9)then use the french to fix it look at it and u will see puffles flying go to sports shop

 10)take the grapple hook go to the tallest mountain

 11)use the grapple hook to go up and then u will see puffles flying and the

 12)(only if u find the puffles go to aunt atric) go to aunt artic then claim ur reward



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